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Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme

Programme Information


L.C.V.P. is essentially the traditional Leaving Certificate with two additional Link Modules (short courses) which count as another subject for Leaving Certificate and as such may be used as one of the 6 subjects for the purpose of points.E

Programme Requirements

Students take 7 subjects in addition to the 2 Link Modules. Subjects must include:

  • Leaving Cert Irish
  • Modern European Language
  • A pair of subjects must be selected from one of the designated Vocational Subject groupings outlined below.
  • 2 Link Modules: Preparation for the World of Work and Enterprise Education

Vocational Subject Groupings  and Specialist Groupings

  • Construction Studies or Design Communication Graphics or Engineering (any two)
  • Physics and Construction Studies or Engineering
  • Home Economics and Biology
  • Home Economics and Art
  • Accounting or Business or Economics (any two )
  • Physics and Chemistry
  • Biology and Physics or Chemistry or Physical Chemistry (combined subject)

Service Groupings

  • Construction Studies and Business or Accounting or Economics.
  • Home Econ. and Business or Accounting or Econ.
  • Art and Business or Accounting or Economics
  •  Music and Business or Accounting or Economics
  • Engineering and Business or Accounting or Economics

These are the possible subject groupings available in Mounthawk from the official list for 2012-13. Should there be any changes, they will be detailed at the Information Night Meeting.
N.B. All students will take English and Maths.

Understanding the Course

What does ‘Vocational’ mean and why do a Leaving Certificate with a Vocational emphasis?

For many years the traditional Leaving Certificate course was criticised for its overly academic focus. The L.C.V.P. programme seeks to redress this by creating links between study and the world of work. This linking is done through the added modules which are designed to focus attention on enterprise and preparation for work.

The word ‘Vocational’ is intended to emphasise the goal of the course which is to strengthen the sense of ‘direction’ in life that a students will gain through the course. By engaging in the Link Modules, it is intended that a pupil will gain a better sense of the world of work, a clearer sense of direction in what he/she may wish to do.

Furthermore, the course seeks to encourage the development of skills: interview techniques, technology skills etc. and the personal qualities such as self-directed learning that will empower students to realise their potential either in college or in the world of work.

The outline of the link modules will show how this is done

Link Module 1

Preparation for the World of Work
Students will research and investigate local employment opportunities, develop job seeking skills such as letter writing, C. V. presentation, interview techniques, gain valuable practical experience of the world of work, interview and work shadow a person in a career area that interests them.

Link Module 2 – Enterprise Education

Students will be involved in organising visits to local business and community enterprises; in meeting and interviewing enterprising people on – site and in the classroom; in planning and undertakeing interesting activities that will build self-confidence, creativity, initiative and develop teamwork, communication and computer skills.

Teaching and Learning

The use of active teaching and learning methodologies is encouraged across the LCVP curriculum. The Link Modules encourage students to apply the knowledge and skills they have acquired through their Vocational Subjects and in other areas of their Leaving Certificate. The experiences of learning are developed in class through a variety of techniques: small group work, case studies, discussion, role-play and project work.

Course Assessment

The 7 subjects are assessed in the traditional manner through the Leaving Cert exam.

Assessment of the Link Modules

Portfolio of Course work : (assembled over 2 years) 60%
Written Examination: 40%


Students receive the same certification as other Leaving Cert students but their Certificate includes an additional statement of the results of the Link Modules.
The Link modules are recognised in terms of points by all the Institutes of Technology and all of the Universities. As of this year the same rates of Points apply across all sectors.

What type of student will the course suit best?

A student who intends going to University or I.T.
A student who will benefit more from term/project work which is built up over a period of time as distinct from depending on terminal exam.
A student who has the consistency to work at project work
A student who make take a few subjects at ordinary level.

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