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Global Citizenship Education

Global Citizenship Education
2021 – 2022


Our project in conjunction with WorldWise Global Schools was to re design our school garden and garden pathway to provide a space to learn and a place of tranquillity, a sanctuary, away from the bustle of the main school. Pupils and staff will use the space to contemplate nature, our place in it and our fragile earth. In the garden, visitors will be prompted to understand the need for local and global development to happen sustainably. The re design incorporated elements of the global Goals for Sustainable Development. We have made a number of plaques printed in Irish and English to be placed along the pathway through the trees and in the garden to highlight some of these Goals. Some of the Global Goals highlighted were Reduced Inequalities, Life on Land, Life Below Water and Climate Action. About 35 TY’s helped with re-structuring the garden and extending the pathway. The pathway will provide a focus and a living classroom for all CSPE classes to engage with the Global Goals.

All science classes in the school can have lessons in the garden too. The TY environment class undertook a biodiversity project where they mentored first and second years in our school on relevant global issues with emphasis on biodiversity. All Transition Years (about 160 pupils) had an input into planting the garden with herbs, fruit, vegetables and flowers for pollinators. They(all TY) were also taught about sustainable agriculture, their own carbon footprint , biodiversity and the effects of Industrial agriculture on climate and biodiversity. WorldWise Global Schools have been providing grant assistance for a number of years now and the Garden/pathway would not be possible without their input.

2016 – 2017
: L.E.A.F (Leading Environmental Awareness Further)

The group are building a pathway that is a permanent fixture on our school grounds and are providing a space for the student body of the school where they can relax and have some fresh air for their own mental wellbeing. The path is roughly 300m in length, with 127m with gravel and the rest in natural earth/mulch.The pathway will consist of roughly 8-10 stopping points with metal plaques that will give both local and global information about the Global Goals.Accompanying some of the plaques, we hope to have sculpturesand art pieces, which will be made by some of our art students, made out of ceramics and recyclable materials that will have information on the environment and the global goals such as :No Poverty, Hunger / Food security, Global Health and Wellbeing, Quality Education and Clean water and sanitation. Click here to see more.

Next year we hope to:

  1. Extend the pathway, providing more space for artwork and future construction
  2. Make benches from recycled wooden crates and will be put along the pathway for seating
  3. Paint Murals on the wall to bring more colour and individually to our path
  4. We will take inspiration from the drawing competitions we held in the primary schools around town and make small art pieces to display with the stopping points and plaques and also to paint the murals
  5. We will make bird feeders out of the plastic bottles to attract wildlife to our path making it more enjoyable

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